Before we were Spool, we were Blueprint Labs. It’s extremely difficult to name a product and we iterated on about 200 names before we picked Spool.

The criteria we set for our product’s name were:

  • easily to spell
  • 1 or 2 syllables (most major brands are)
  • no major SEO conflicts
  • no app store conflicts
  • easy to turn into a verb (Just Spool it!)
  • an unused .com domain (even if it’s squatted, we could buy it if we’re successful)
  • something generic enough to become a brand or umbrella company

The nice to haves:

  • a pun, reference, or double meaning (who doesn’t love a little intellectual masturbation)
  • easy to say in a variety of languages (Google ran into this issue in China)
  • no unfortunate substrings (
  • something we could turn into a simple logo, preferably through typography

In case you’re wondering, the double meaning/pun: A spool is the thing that video tapes are wound around (our core tech is around video and media extraction and delivery) and spooling is the act of sending data to a remote machine for processing, like when you have a print job that is spooling to your printer (which is what Spool does for any URL).